Monday, July 10, 2006

The Fabulous North Country Lodge

I live in California, and despite the state's reputation for great weather, it can sometimes get pretty hot here during the summer. And on top of that, the air quality has been horrible. So I thought it might be nice to find a quiet place to spend a few days relaxing in the pool and avoiding my creditors.

I did a little Web surfing and came upon the Web site of the North Country Lodge in Warrensburg, New York. I gave them a call, and after a few moment speaking with the nice gentleman (who wasn't rude, stuck up, hard to understand, obviously insane, or prone to violence, no matter what you may have heard about New Yorkers) I had a reservation. I hopped in the car, and 43 hours later (more or less -- I kept falling asleep at the wheel so it was hard to keep track) I was there!

The hotel was fabulous. Forget your Hiltons and your Caesars' Palaces, this was the place for me! The rooms were clean, the pool was damp, and the staff helpfully assisted me in spelling "Adirondack" on my postcards. Nestled in the wilderness as it is, you can just walk out of your room and see wildlife like trees and stuff (if you're into that kind of thing). If not, you can head into town for a meal at one of the local eateries, or walk into the forest, hunt down a meal, and eat it at one of the lodge's many picnic tables.

Now, before you start worrying because of any associations you might have between small hotels and Norman Bates, I want to assure you that for the whole time I was there (about four hours) there wasn't a single killing, attempted murder, or even simple assault anywhere on the property that I'm aware of. Feel better? After staying at the North Country Lodge, I know I do!

So call them up and make a reservation now. Be sure to tell them The Quote Whore sent you, and they'll gladly remind you to watch your language!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that place is lovely, and has the faintest touch of Southern charm, despite the location.

Anonymous said...

This is a great place, if you don't mind running into trees on your way out the door. I particularly enjoyed their "White Squirrel" soup (which surprisingly tasted like rabbit.)

One downfall is that the North Country Lodge tends to be a bit expensive. I took advantage of the free tram service to Walt Disney World, but was billed for 7 extra days (3 days each way + 1 at WDW). I think they need a faster tram service or possibly they could move closer to Orlando - which is lacking in this type of mountain lodge hotels anyway.