Monday, June 18, 2007

Prepare to be Mutated!

Club Mutant is a diary-style blog that has gone through some sort of alternate-universe mutation. It appears to be the blog of [some woman whose name we don't know] who was put in an asylum because her parents were disturbed by her odd behavior. But, over the course of the blog (which is still in progress) we are learning that her odd behavior is caused by latent psychic powers!

Making things even more interesting, the universe of Club Mutant has more than just this one psychic babe in it. It's like our world mutated some time in the early twenty-first century and some people began to have psychic powers. What a cool premise!

The blog is very entertaining to read. It's not just a constant blather about "psychic powers" or some kind of secret screed on the "foolishness" of skeptics who should have seen that these things were real all along. Instead, it is a realistic portrayal of the troubles of a woman who has discovered that she is very, very different from most of the people around here. The majority of the posts so far are about her relationships, her friends, what she does all day -- the kinds of things that a real blogger would talk about.

Club Mutant is entertaining, compelling, and immersive. Give it a read and keep up with the story -- or some day, when it's incredibly lengthy and popular, you're going to hate yourself for not getting in on the ground floor.

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