Tuesday, June 26, 2007


You ever just want to blow off some steam, work up a good rant, record it, and publish it as a podcast for everyone on the planet to listen to? Well, Deborah over at Rantamonica did, and now you are all set to enjoy the fruits of her inability to internalize anger.

Rantamonica is set in Santa Monica, California, a town known as an upper-class seaside neighborhood by those who don't live there. Deborah makes clear that there is a lot more (or a lot less, depending on level of optimism) to Santa Monica than that. In one podcast, she stands on her balcony complaining about the idiot across the way who is using a chainsaw to trim his trees at seven in the morning. You can mostly understand Deborah over the roar of the chainsaw, and it's this type of ambiant noise that adds realism to the podcast and sets it aside from all the lifeless, studio-produced crud out there.

I recommend that you go to iTunes immediately, do a search for "Rantamonica", and subscribe. Believe me, it's far better to let someone else do your ranting for you. Why raise your own blood pressure?


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