Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comics Remixed

Well it's been a while, but finally a new Web site has appeared that is worth my posting about it. That site is Comics Remixed -- a brilliant, humorous remix of newspaper comic strips. What the author does is take the image from one comic and combine it with the caption from another comic that was published on the same day. It's the kind of thing that could happen if a newspaper accidentally swapped the captions (as happened to Gary Larson, according to the hilarious story in The PreHistory of the Far Side).

You really have to take a look to see just how hilarious -- and sometimes bizarre - these comics are. Honestly, they are so funny that at one point I was contemplating suicide because my family was trampled to death by circus elephants, and the site just cheered me right up.

Here's one of my favorites -- a combination of the image from "9 to 5" and the caption from "Cornered":

Part of the fun of Comics Remixed is that the author lists the date that the original comics were published. This gives you the opportunity to go back and find the originals to see what the joke was before it was remixed (the site has links to services that let you see old comics).

So what you need to do right now is go over to Comics Remixed and spend some time laughing and getting surreal. And visiting his sponsors -- always visit the sponsors!